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Hello World in SDR

sdr radio
Update 12-Sep-2022 My RTL-SDR order on Amazon was cancelled due to some transit problem. I’m waiting for refund 😕. After I got my refund, I’m hoping to buy RTL-SDR directly from the Website. Since RTL-SDR have only reception capability, I’ve also applied for HackRF as free stuff in Great Scott Gadgets. I hope, I’ll get some positive response. Original post on 3-Sep-2022 Recently, I got hands-on with an SDR (Software Defined Radio) in my college lab. Read more...

Summer Training at DGPLUG

dgplug summer-training floss-training linux free-software open-source
Hello, World !!! Hello, world 👋 This is my first blog post. In this post, I want to talk about summer training at DGPLUG via good old IRC chat system. About DGPLUG summer training The DGPLUG summer training program happens everyear around june or july. You can find the deatils about the training here. Also, DGPLUG means Linux Users' Group Of Durgapur. Like this, there are many active user groups in India and as well as around the world, promoting free and opensource culture. Read more...
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