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Summer Training at DGPLUG

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Hello, World !!!

Hello, world 👋 This is my first blog post.

In this post, I want to talk about summer training at DGPLUG via good old IRC chat system.

About DGPLUG summer training

The DGPLUG summer training program happens everyear around june or july. You can find the deatils about the training here.

Also, DGPLUG means Linux Users' Group Of Durgapur. Like this, there are many active user groups in India and as well as around the world, promoting free and opensource culture. For example, ILUGC Indian Linux User's Group - Chennai, which is a pretty active group, like arranging monthly user contributing talks, etc,.

My experience so far

I actually fell into this fascinating 😲 rabbit hole of Free Software, GNU, Linux, and many related things during 😷 corona lockdowns. And, I got to know about this training through FSCI matrix group. The FSCI (Free Software Community of India) community is also a very active community. They also have their own bootcamps, irc networks, etc,. Last year also, I tried to attend this summer training session. I attended several sessions and some good off-topic discussions. But, I was not able to continue at that time. But, this year, I’m very much curious about this training 😄

The community is filled with lot of various experienced folks. Also, it is not like any other training, where you learn some technical concepts and then just goes off. But, here more than a traditional training, they teach us about :

  • How to communicate 🔈
  • Engaging with the community 👐
  • Sharing their experiences and knowledge 📚
  • About opensource contribution 🌏 and many more…

Also, this training happens through IRC chat system, which gives you, kind of hacker feeling like in movies 😜

This is training is not like a fixed period training. Because, once you started the training, you will become part of their community. So, there is no ending in this wonderful path. The off-session discussions is the interesting part, because where you can freely talk with folks there, listen to their messages, ask questions, get answers, become friends,etc,.

For Those Who Want To Join

  • Check their website here, where you can know about prerequisites, etc,.
  • Check their very well-explained documentation for this training here, where you can learn how to accomplish the prerequisites like setting up IRC account, etc,.

Quote lines

Hereafter, I will post quotes that inspired me, regularly in my posts ✌️

Read more than you write, Live more than you read

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